Alpaca Females

Sherlin Alpacas has an extensive range of breeding females for sale. These females can be mated before delivery if required. Photos show Alpacas before being shorn. 

Please note that a link is provided to the International Animal Registry (IAR) for full animal details, including sire and dam.


Sherlin Chaka Carerra (Black)

IAR: 1022896

Sherlin Alani (Dark Fawn)

IAR: 1022876

Sherlin Jessica (Roan-previously registered as Dark Brown)

IAR: 1022874

Sherlin Adelia (Medium Fawn)

IAR: 1022858

Alpaca Xperience Miss Luna (White)

IAR: 1022897

Sherlin Celeste (White)

IAR: 1022865

Sherlin Zaihana Rose

IAR: 1022867

Sherlin Daenerys (Medium Fawn)

IAR: 1022892

Sherlin Watseka (Black)

IAR: 1022862

Sherlin Radius (Light Fawn)

IAR: 1022864

Sherlin Celestia (Rose Grey/Roan)

IAR: 1022869

Alpaca Xperience Jordana (Light Fawn)

IAR: 1022883

Sherlin Torinne (Black)

IAR: 1022877

Alpaca Xperience Ignite (Light Fawn)

IAR: 1022857

Alpaca Xperience Azarina (dark Fawn)

IAR: 1022489

Sherlin Kennedy (Black)

IAR: 1022870

Sherlin Mirebella (Dark Brown)

IAR: 1022875

Sherlin Quecha (Black)

IAR: 1022879

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