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Alpaca Comfy Sock

Sherlin Alpaca Comfy socks

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Sherlin’s own brand of heavenly Comfy Sock- the name says it all. It's like walking on a cloud and so comfy you'll never want to take them off!
Sherlin’s Comfy Socks are ideal for wearing around the house, in slippers or great as a bed sock. The richness and plush feel of these Comfy Socks keep your feet snuggly and toasty warm but still able to breathe. They are fantastic for people who like a loose knitted top to the sock and are especially good for diabetics or people with circulation issues.
Comfy socks are made with 70% Alpaca, 25% Wool and 5% Nylon with 100% pure comfort Alpaca fleece sourced from Sherlin’s own Alpacas. Fibre yarn and socks manufactured in the South Island of New Zealand.
Warm hand wash and line dry. PLEASE DO NOT TUMBLE DRY

Sherlin Comfy Socks come in 2 colours at present: blue and  pink

Price is per pair

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